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Making cider is a realtively simple process so long as you follow a good recipe or set of rules. Contrary to popular belief you dont chuck anthing in and just let it brew. If you take on this approach you will loose all your hard work of processing the apples to produce an undrinkable liquid. If you wish to get involved there is a really excellent book which is cheap, it goes through the techniques and process as well as some good history '


We had very little knowledge of gardening until we came to Upton Grey; that was soon to change with the unearthing of this important piece of garden history. We decided to research the garden and, having discovered a full set of plans in the Reef Point Collection at The University of California at Berkeley, we obtained copies and set about the restoration. What we recreated is now believed to be the most complete and authentic Jekyll garden in existence - a living museum of Jekyll design. We hope the following pages give you some insight into the restoration, together with some notes about Gertrude Jekyll herself.


For a more comprehensive look at Gertrude Jekyll we recommend the official website of the Jekyll estate. this looks into the life and career of Miss Jekyll together with notes on Lutyens and the Arts and Craft movement.Read more

Rosamund Wallinger's book 'Gertrude Jekyll's Lost Garden' was published by Garden Art Press in 2000. It gives an amusing and well illustrated account of the garden's history and restoration (with, adds her husband John, all its trials, tribulations and lessons). Copies of Rosamund Wallinger's book Gertrude Jekyll's Lost Garden - The Restoration of an Edwardian Masterpiece, ISBN 1 870673 35 2 is available through any reputable bookshop, price £25. Also at Antique Collectors Club


Rosamund Wallinger's next book, Gertrude Jekyll. Her Art Restored at Upton Grey,

ISBN 978 1 87067 377 8


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